Hosting For FileMaker

For the best multi user deployment, FileMaker should be hosted on FileMaker Server.  This is easy and quick to set up in your work place but does involve the additional cost of dedicated server hardware and the FileMaker Server software on top that. 

For most modern FileMaker solutions the increase in bandwidth on your average broadband connection has made even a mid-weight database completely usable when hosted on a remote server.  And the benefits of hosting remotely are many:

No set up costs
Externally backed up
Secure global access to your database
Small monthly hosting fee

Packages start from just £15/month

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Hosting for Web Sites

We have many options covering just about all web hosting scenarios.

Standard Web Hosting packages start at just £4/Month and include multiple emails and ftp, control panels and a host of easy one click install scripts for things like Joomla!, WordPress and the like.

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