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About FileMaker

FileMaker is officially the most flexible and cost effective way to organise your business data - its particularly fab at things like CRM, Reporting, Inventory and Stock Control. Things like Document Management, Ordering and Invoicing are a breeze for the legend that is FM!

About Our Solutions

Whether you want a from the ground up solution or a bolt-on or fix for your existing database, we can provide fast value for money development of the highest standard and pride ourselves on the speed and efficiency we can take a client concept and turn it into a usable live solution for their business.


Being a small independent firm, our rates are some of the most competitive in the business, though our experience and expertise deliver some of the highest standards. We also offer a Fixed Price Billing option on certain database projects - so you can budget better.


We do FileMaker everyday and we love it.  I hope we can do some for you.

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*we will never, not in a million years or a month of sundays ever share your data with anyone, period. not even if they ask us really nicely or give us loads of cash.