FileMaker Go and Mobile Applications

The sensational FileMaker Go for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has arrived and has set the FileMaker world on fire!

Whether you're just looking for casual access to your database or need a specific app written for the mobile platform, anything is now possible.

The introduction of FileMaker Go has given any business using the FileMaker platform a truly portable means to access and capture data on the move.

We have already created several solutions for our customers that either integrate directly with their existing systems, or bolt on and sync seamlessly as stand alone apps, and we can do the same for you.

Whether you want to take orders, fill out questionnaires or update data live when out of the office the development time to make this happen has been slashed with Go.

No iPhone? - No Problem.

We can develop mobile apps that run on any mobile browser that will connect you to your business.

Though not as quick to develop as FM Go, mobile web apps are now not the preserve of big business with big budgets - even a modest budget can have your database online and on your mobile for less than you think.


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