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FileMaker and Xero Intergarion

Written by Jak Kaleniuk

Xero - "Beautiful accounting software" as they themselves put it.

And indeed it is, I personally don't use it for the Jakson accounts but I have a few clients that do and my experience of it has been, well, pretty decent.

But what of FileMaker to Xero integration?  - that dear FileMaker folks is also "beautiful" - but only for a single reason, the good folks at Foundation Data from Aukland, New Zealand and their remarkable plugin "F2X Pro".

I've just implemented FM to Xero fo the second time with this plugin - the first time I would describe as easy - yeah, a few scratchy head moments but a quick chat to the boys at Foundation and all was sorted.  This second time was a pleasure, this plugin does exactly what it says on the tin and does oh-so very well.

I massive thumbs up to Matthew and the whole crew at Foundation for a plug well done.

Check them out here:  and get your FileMaker synced with Xero in doulble quick time.

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