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FileMaker and Sage

Written by Jak Kaleniuk

Creating automated workflows in FileMaker is what we do everyday and it's great to see our client's liberated from tiresome manual data entry.

But time and again we come across the need for that automation to spread it's wings and fly from the confines of the FileMaker nest and head off to other applications within our client's businesses - none more so than the helping integrate FilaMaker sales and invoicing data into an Accounting Software package.

Many of our clients, large and small, use Sage and FileMaker - and getting FileMaker data into Sage is actually a piece of cake.

Now, this cake has different flavours with some of those catering to quite expensive tastes - if you want a full 2-way conversion between FileMaker and Sage then we wholeheartedly recommend - the guys at Synchronite have been developing this product for years and it will fully integrate your systems at the most detailed and finite level. We can provide development using this product to give you the most powerful integration solution, but it's not super cheap.

If however, you simply want to dump a a whole stack of invoicing from FileMaker into Sage, we can do that at a fraction of the cost of full integration, and have it deployed very quickly too. We'll have you importing 1000's of invoices or sales data from FileMaker to Sage with a click of a button in no time at all.

We recently used this approach to save an accounts team from one of our clients literally a week's worth of work EVERY MONTH! Give us a call if you fancy a chat about how we can help you save time on duplicate data entry into Sage.

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