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Joomla! and FileMaker Integration

Written by Jak Kaleniuk

As a fully fledged web development business in addition to our certified FileMaker developer core there's nothing more we like than merging the 2 together.  And that's exactly what we did in a recent project.

As web developers we take advantage of a fantastic array of open source professional grade software for our web projects. Stuff like Wordpress, Joomla! or Drupal to name a just a few.

And it's when we start integrating these great web apps with FileMaker that we can start to provide unbelievable web front end functionality married to the flexible desktop environment that FileMaker providers - AND - at a price unthinkable (as in low!) even just a few years ago

Our latest project of this nature involved a Joomla and FileMaker Integration.

On the front end was a Joomla deployment, styled to look exactly like our client's current web site and installed in to that was an out-of-the-box form system (paid for) Joomla! extension that pumped live data into the local website MySQL database.

We then hooked in FileMaker using it's awesome ESS functionality and in a few hours the 2 independent systems were singing beautifully together.

For me, it's all about harnessing the right technologies. Yes, you could have built the same web app using the FM PHP API - and it wouldn't have been that tricky to do, or you could have built the form from scratch in HTML and PHP and connected in the MySQL database in he same way. But either method would have involved a huge amount of time consuming manual coding for even the most simplest of web-type things - things like field validation or adding captcha code to the submit.

Instead we used existing technologies that allowed us to build a highly functional fully featured form system at a fraction of the price that hard coding would have cost.  Nice.

FileMaker and Joomla is a great combo, highly recommended!

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