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Me and my Company Jakson Consulting

I conceived Jakson Consulting nine years ago, after a long stint in senior operational roles in the fashion business and other industries.

After completing several system deployments for the organisations I worked for, I came to the conclusion that this was by far my favourite bit of the job and set about forming my own consultancy specialising in process management and systemisation using FileMaker as the primary development tool.

I quickly took all of the FileMaker exams, becoming certified in 2007.

During the early years of Jakson Consulting, I had the great privilege of working with some of the finest and most respected FileMakers in the business, contracting regularly for DataThearpy and Linear Blue, where I was exposed to some of the highest standards of development in the FileMaker world.

The combination of a solid upbringing in real business, proven track record in project management and an expert knowledge of the world's most flexible database system has contributed to what has proven to be a great skill set for delivering on customer expectation.

Over the years my client base has grown steadily into a long and happy list and I pride myself on delivering great solutions, great value for money, on time and on budget.

Jak Kaleniuk

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